Do you have a huge box full of old photos that you haven’t added to photo albums? If so, you should think about scrapbooking. Creating a scrapbook is a great way to preserve your memories in a unique way. It’s also a great way to relax if you are stressed out. There is nothing like gluing your memories in a book and decorating them with cool stickers, paper, and mementos.

If you have never created a scrapbook, we are here to help you. In this article, we will explain exactly what you need and how to start your own book of memories.

What is Scrapbooking?

Photo of a scrapbooking page with "2009" on it

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In years past, scrapbooking was a way of keeping poems and letters, but not anymore. It has evolved into colorful collages of stickers, pictures, and memorabilia. Think of scrapbooking as a diary picture book. The art of scrapbooking helps keep your memories alive in a creative cool way. You can either make a digital scrapbook or a physical scrapbook. And the best part is that both of them are really simple.

Scrapbooking Supplies

Of course, the most important part of a scrapbook is the book. Whether it be a fancy album with blank pages or just a binder with blank inserts. Other basic materials can include patterned or colored background paper instead of just white. As well as a way to mount your photos like glue, corner mounts, or washi tape. Of course, scissors and paper cutting tools are necessary. Along with other fun things like stamps, colored pens, stickers, and other various accessories.

If you are digitally scrapbooking, a photo scanner might be necessary. Finding a page layout program can be helpful, not to mention a printer if you would like to print the pages to still have a physical scrapbook. Online scrapbooking offers a cheaper alternative to collecting sticker and stamps. However, some people prefer the crafty hands-on approach that traditional scrapbooking offers.

Photos, mementos, and stickers

You can’t forget that the photos are the main focus of the scrapbook. In fact, some people add so many stickers, paper, and decorations that the photos are overshadowed. Be careful not to do that.

Equally important are mementos like a strand of hair or a love letter. These things can be easily preserved in a physical scrapbook, whereas they are hard to implement into a digital one. Some people also enjoy pressing flowers into their scrapbooks, keeping precious physical memories that a digital scrapbooks lack.

Get Creative With Themes

An important aspect of a scrapbook is the personality that usually portrays that of its creator. It could be neat and organized with a traditional feel, or bubbly and colorful with a cluttered sense of storytelling. Each page can have a different theme and story, representing a different moment in time. If you’re having trouble picking the themes you want to use to tell a unique story, the following are some examples of what you can do.

A “first”

Scrapbooking page for two kids' first day of school.

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“Firsts” are going to be a huge theme in scrapbooking. You can document a first birthday, a first date, any first that mattered to you or someone else. As you can imagine, a mother’s scrapbook is filled with firsts for their kids.


If you are someone who likes to travel, you can document every trip in a beautiful scrapbook. Using the places you’ve been as a different theme for each page. Fors instance, if you’ve been to Italy, use Italian decorations. A romantic trip to Paris can have a page covered in different stickers that capture the mood of the culture. Stickers of planes and landmarks can really capture the theme of travel.

Don’t forget the holidays!

An exciting and never-ending theme is that of the holiday season. This is possibly the easiest theme for anyone to achieve, with stickers and decorations coming in each holiday. Since each holiday has its own theme, minimal effort has to come from trying to make one up. Additionally, the holidays already go in order and are great times for family gatherings. This makes gathering pictures and mementos easy.

Personalized yearbook

Another common theme is to create your own yearbook throughout the school year. Using pictures of your friends, a perfect test score, and art projects can really capture the moments. It is also a great way to capture your graduation day.

Remembering those you’ve lost

An interesting vintage theme is to capture moments of family members that are dear to your heart. Using old family photos and mementos of loved ones who have passed away, filling pages can be a breeze. It is also a theme that everyone in your family can reminisce over, letting you remember family together. It is also a great way to learn about your family tree and hear stories of those that you might not have heard before.

How to Pick Page Layouts

The most intimidating thing about scrapbooking is figuring out how you want to decorate a page. Try not to get caught up with placement, as scrapbooking should be a fun past time. Nevertheless, we’re here to help you find the perfect page layout for your scrapbook. Most scrapbooks cover both sides of the page, called a double-page spread. When you open the album, the page on the right and left should be the same cover and theme. Regardless, scrapbooking has no right or wrong way, fill out the album the way you see fit. Just remember not to glue down anything until you’re absolutely sure it is where you want it.

Have Fun!

Remember, making a scrapbook should not be stressful. If you want to start scrapbooking, begin saving small momentos to go along with your photos. Also, buy some stickers, colored paper, a book or download an app for your digital scrapbook. Ask your family and friends to get involved too. Remember, above all else, have some fun!


Featured image: CC by NC-ND 2.0, by Gems, via Flickr

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