Any crafty person can tell you that an organized space only makes crafting and creating easier. Every creator needs a place where they feel comfortable and inspired to create. You have that place that you’ve dedicated to your craft, but, perhaps it’s in a state of chaos.

If your craft supplies are strewn about, laying on desks and tables. Or, you have no place to store the things you don’t use that often. Maybe the storage solutions you do have consist of ugly boxes with no real organization and the whole room itself just doesn’t make you feel productive. Then you need some craft room storage ideas to help you out. With good craft room organization, your productivity levels will skyrocket and you’ll never want to leave that room. 

Your Craft Room’s Main Components

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Your craft room is going to be made up of key components: the big pieces of furniture that take up the most space, and the surface where you do most of your work. For artists, that could be an easel or a desk with a computer and tablet. For sewers, that might be a large table with a sewing machine. Whatever surface you work on becomes the central point of your space.

Craft Room Organization Ideas

The most important part of any craft room is, of course, the work surface. Whether that be a desk, table, easel, pottery wheel, whatever. Whatever surface you work upon needs to be free and clear of clutter; having an organized surface is crucial to staying productive. What’s great is there are options that include storage solutions.

Desks and tables

There are a great number of stylish and functional desks made with crafters in mind. They feature wider surfaces for more space to do your work like shelves on the sides or on top to store all of your most used craft supplies. If crafting is your business, then a desk is an important element of your space, and you should choose one that works well within the space you’re creating. For instance, this desk here, sold on Amazon, combines a great work surface with plenty of storage-perfect for a smaller space.

Many crafters also use entire tables as their work surface. These tables offer a lot of space for crafters. Another great buy on Amazon is this crafting table. The table is great because it is both foldable and storable.


Shelving is a great way to keep things organized. They’re made for storing and displaying, and therefore are a crucial element to your craft room storage solutions. Tall bookcases are a great place to store your boxes of crafting supplies. 

My personal favorite storage solution is the cubby shelf. I have one that is tall and wide, and I have bins to store my craft supplies in some of the cubbies. I use these cube shelves to store and display my sketchbooks, paint supplies and canvases. It’s a tall unit, but not bulky, as I’m currently living in a very tight space.

Wall shelves are also a fantastic storage solution-especially in a smaller space. You can install them just about anywhere you feel you need the extra surface space, and they are almost never in the way of anything. When paired with bookshelves, they can sometimes look custom-built, or even built-in. These simple wall shelves are very pretty for a minimal style. This shelf unit here has hooks on the bottom perfect for storing your paintbrushes. Both of these options and others can be found at

Storage Options for Small Supplies

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Now that you have all your shelves and work surfaces, it’s time to start filling them up with storage solutions for all those craft supplies. You’ve got a big desk or work table, and you don’t want-or need-all that precious area being overtaken by all the craft supplies you use. There are so many options for great storage solutions, with both form and function, that’ll allow your craft room to really showcase who you are and your creativity.

Boxes, bins, baskets

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Boxes are the default storage solution when it comes to simply tuck away things you don’t need. You can purchase or obtain plain cardboard boxes in any size you need, and then toss them into closets. There is also a more stylish option: the photo box. These are great because they are usually decorated and include lids. There is also usually a label on at least one side to write on.

Maybe you just want simple plastic bins that you can stack under your table to hide away things you don’t use too often? Clear storage bins are a great option because they allow you to see into them so that you can grab what you need. No rummaging required!

Baskets work too for storing your craft supplies while offering a bit of style. You can add cloth liners inside and labels on the front to be even more organized. That will help you never lose track of your supplies.

All of these storage solutions are popular, as they can be placed anywhere, and you can have easy access to them whenever you need. You can find many stylish bins and baskets on

Wall and Door Storage Solutions

Utilizing every inch of usable space in your craft room is very important and that includes walls and doors. Pegboards for the walls are a great, functional, and economical idea to store anything from paintbrushes and picture frames to baskets and spools of thread. You can rearrange your supplies in any way and display them and showcase the types of crafts you’re into creating. Lowe’s sells some great pegboards, like this one here.

Over-the-door shoe storage pockets are a really clever idea to use in smaller spaces. You can have easy access to all the things you use the most without all of that clutter. When you don’t want things to be seen, simply shut the door. This over-the-door shoe organizer from is a great and affordable option.

DIY Craft Room Storage Ideas

If you do not want to buy shelving, bins, and pegboards, you can make your own storage solutions. DIY craft room storage ideas are nearly endless. Making your own can be a lot of fun, and what better way to further inject your personality and creativity into your craft room. There are thousands of great tutorials on Youtube featuring different things you can make with odds-and-ends you find laying around your home. Have empty toilet paper rolls? You can make great supply caddies with those. You can also make small boxes and magazine butlers out of cereal boxes. Honestly, the possibilities are endless.

Pinterest also offers myriad ideas to make your own craft room storage ideas. Whatever you think you might need, you’ll be sure to find it somewhere online. It’s also pretty easy to get carried away with all the different projects you can tackle, so maybe you should make a list of some things you need.

One other great source of inspiration and one I personally turn to often is decorating magazines like Better Homes and Gardens and Good Housekeeping. These magazines both offer so many ideas on organization and storage solutions.

Storage Made Simple

Craft room organization and storage ideas don’t have to be daunting or intimidating concepts to tackle. When I first started piecing my studio together, I started small. I bought my desk and shelves first, then worked on storing my supplies in functional and creative ways. I used many of the things discussed in this post, actually. If you do it that way, it’ll be a lot less stressful.

What craft room organization ideas do you have that you think others can use? Leave a comment below and let us know!


Featured image: CC0, by Elise Capelle Vaughn, via PublicDomainPictures

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