Are you in need to craft ideas for adults? Maybe you're holding a get-together or you just enjoy DIY projects. Either way, there are many great ideas out there for those who are ready to create something themselves. Whether you are a beginner or have been crafting for most of your life, everyone should get the chance to delve into their creative side and enjoy the pastime already loved by millions of people. 

Below, we compiled a list of craft ideas for adults that range from the basic to a little more complicated. These craft ideas vary in the costs of materials and the practical uses for each craft.

What Is Crafting for Adults?

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Crafting is simply creating things. Crafts can be for fun, decoration, efficiency, or even gifts for the holidays. No matter what the end goal is, it is a process anyone can enjoy. It sparks your creativity and provides an outlet for when you feel stressed or just in need of a hobby. Crafts can be a great hobby for anyone. However, there are some elements that set craft ideas for adults apart from those meant for children.

Skill Level

While there are many crafts that are specifically for children, others are meant to be craft ideas for adults only because you need greater skill to complete them. The children do not yet have the same physical ability as adults. Some crafts require you to be nimble and precise to get the effect you are looking for. As children get older and create more crafts, they can easily move on to more complicated projects and can find joy in creating more with their own hands

Safety Concerns

Many of the craft ideas for adults use tools and materials that are dangerous for children. Hot glue guns, heating guns, and sticky substances like Modge Podge are just some of the things used in adult crafts that might not be safe for children to use. More advanced crafts might call for power tools and saws. Use your best judgment when allowing children to create crafts. Safety should always be the number one concern.

The End-Use or Theme

In the case of children, crafting is usually done for fun, gift-giving, and holidays. They don't tend to serve as much of a functional value as adult crafting does. From knitting and crocheting to creating small shelves and jewelry, the crafts that adults can create tend to be a bit more sturdy and can serve a number of purposes. Other crafts might have a theme that is not appropriate for children, such as wine charms.

12 Creative Craft Ideas for Adults

christmas ball and craft ideas for adults

There are so many things that you can make once you start crafting. Want to get creative but aren't sure where to start? Here are twelve creative craft ideas for adults that are sure to be both fun and fulfilling.

1. Homemade Christmas Tree Star

When Christmas is right around the corner, it's the perfect time to create some adorable Christmas tree stars. These ornaments are perfect for anyone who has small children or animals in the home that have a habit of playing with the ornaments or possibly breaking them. The ornaments in this tutorial from Live Craft Eat are primarily made of yarn so they are soft and will not break easily. You can make these ornaments whatever color you want to go with your tree!

2. Colorful Wall Display

From Canvas Printers Online, this wall display can be seasonal or something you keep on your wall year-round! The cool thing about this display is that it will take very little effort on your part. Simply select the images (or patterns/designs) you wish to use, along with the picture configuration that you prefer. Then, submit your information and keep an eye on your mailbox! These wall displays can spice up any wall in your home.

3. Element Jar Necklaces

Whether you want to try your hand at creating your own jewelry, or you simply want a way to pay homage to the environment surrounding us, this is a rather cute way to express yourself. In the tutorial from Mom Dot, she encourages everyone to express their "nerdy self." She even shows you where to find all the tools necessary to create these adorable necklaces.

4. Floral Garland

These whimsical garlands are some of the best craft ideas for adults and would be an excellent addition to any indoor or outdoor space. Anywhere you could use some ambient light, really. Check out The Craft Patch for instructions on how to create these pretty flowers along with everything else you need to know to get the job done. These garlands would also look amazing incorporated into wedding decorations.

5. Paper Towel Tube Organizer

Who doesn't love a good organizational focused craft? And paper towel tubes are something everyone eventually recycles, so why not put them to good use? These organizing hacks from Cathie Filian not only look great but use household items you probably have on hand. Not only are these great craft ideas for adults, but they can even keep you organized! Crafts with multiple uses are always a win in our book.

6. Tissue Paper Flowers

These tissue paper flowers from i heart naptime have a very soft, feminine look. Not only that, but they are cheap to create as well. This is perfect for adult crafters who are on a budget but still want to create something beautiful with their own hands. They would dress up any party and are super easy to customize. Check out the tutorial to learn how to make these beautiful paper flowers.

7. Wine Cork Succulent Magnets

Wine, plants, and magnets. A lot of great things go into making these adorable indoor planters from Crafts by Amanda. Depending on your gardening skills and your budget, you can use real or fake succulents for this craft. The fake ones will last a lot longer, but the real ones can add an extra flair and charm to your interior spaces. It's up to you and how you wish to decorate your space.

8. Clean or Dirty Dishwasher Magnet

Pretty much everyone can use one of these! This adorable Scrabble themed magnet will remind everyone that the contents of the dishwasher are clean or dirty. This is perfect for homes with multiple people responsible for household chores. Check out the tutorial from Sugar Spice and Spilled Milk to see how this adorable magnet is made.

9. Natural Branch Coasters

Do you want to bring a little slice of nature into your home, but don't have a green thumb? These coasters by Garden Therapy are an excellent way to do just that. This post walks you through how to slice, sand, and seal portions of tree branches that can be used as coasters. Sure, you could buy some, but why do that when you can use free fallen tree branches and tools you already have around the house?

10. Wood Shim Sunburst Mirror

In another tutorial from Crafts by Amanda, you can learn how to create a mirror that has a coastal feel to it. This is one practical craft idea you will want to show off to friends and family who visit your home! This mirror is easier to create than most and doesn't require many tools. Sunburst mirrors create a sense of elegance in any room, making this is the perfect craft for anyone trying to spruce up their living space.

11. Sea Glass Planter

This Crafts by Amanda tutorial walks you through how to create a planter decorated with sea glass. You can easily find sea glass while on a trip to the beach, making this craft a more affordable one. If you can't make it to the beach, there are plenty of craft stores that sell packages of sea glass. The post takes you through step-by-step how to decorate a terra cotta planter so that you can shake things up a bit.

12. Crochet Sandals

For those who like to crochet, Crafts by Amanda has a link to a free crochet pattern for crochet sandals. These sandals are perfect for times when you don't necessarily want to be barefoot, but socks are a bit too warm. These sandals look incredibly comfy and pair well with some freshly painted toenails. The design includes a strap around the back of the foot to make sure they don't fall off. You can be a trendsetter with these adorable sandals.

Craft Ideas for Adults: Conclusion

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Craft ideas for adults don't have to be so complicated that it takes hours of frustration to create something beautiful. Anything that you enjoy making or sharing with friends is something you should strive to do on an ongoing basis. It is extremely uplifting to feel the validation when you have created something beautiful with your own hands that can be used or seen every day. And no matter your crafting experience, there is something out there for you and your skill levels. So get out there and start crafting!

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