There is just something about Christmas that brings out the decorator in all of us. Homemade Christmas crafts are a joy to make, to give, and to keep. They are also a lot of fun for the kids. There are so many Christmas crafts out there to choose from and we have had a lot of fun exploring what people are creating these days. We have picked the 5 that we feel stand out from the rest. So get ready to get out your craft supplies because you are going to have a blast with these. The only thing is, if you are planning to give them away, go ahead and make two, because you won’t want to part with them once they are done!

Christmas Decorations & Traditions

Christmas traditions and decorations are as varied as one can imagine. Jesus’ birth marked the beginning of Christmas, and many believe that the gift giving began because of the three wise men and their gifts to Him. Others cling to the history of St. Nicholas, the man who went door to door during Christmas leaving gifts for children and whom Santa Clause now reminds of us. Many families enjoy a mixture of traditions.

1) Where Does the Name Christmas Come From?

The name Christmas comes from “the mass of Christ,” a mass service where early Christians remembered birth of Jesus Christ into the world.

2) Why December 25th?

Though what day to celebrate Christ’s birth is still highly debated, Constantine, the first Christian Roman Emperor, chose to celebrate it on December 25th in the year 336, and it became “official” a few years later under Pope Julius I.

3) Why an Evergreen Fir Tree?

Long before Christmas a regular holiday, European Christians celebrated the Feast of Adam and Eve on December 24. This was remembered with a tree decorated in white wafers, symbolizing the tree that Adam and Eve ate from. In cold northern climes, such as Germany, most trees had no leaves by December 24, so evergreens were preferred. As Christmas took hold, the Adam and Eve tree remained in homes over Christmas Eve and into the next day, and eventually became more associated with Christmas than with the Feast of Adam and Eve.

4) What Are Some Early Christmas Crafts?

The Christmas card is one. It was a civil servant in the UK, Sir Henry Cole, who helped set up what is now the Post Office, and his friend, John Horsley, an artist, had the idea of creating Christmas cards. The card had three panels that featured caring for the poor and a large Christmas dinner. They made them by hand and sold them for a shilling each.

Decorations are another favorite Christmas craft, and many people enjoy making unique and personal designs to hang on their tree.

5) How Have Christmas Crafts Evolved over the Years?

Creating Christmas Crafts has become easier and less time consuming over the years. Everything needed can be found at craft stores or shopping centers. With developments in technology, paper products, adhesives, and the endless array of items that sparkle and shine: whatever you can dream up, you can create.

Basic Crafting Supplies

Crafting supplies are as numerous as the stars in the sky, or so it seems. What fun can be had just by walking down the craft aisle at the neighborhood shopping center! But some supplies are a must and can be found in any household that creates crafts.

1) Adhesives

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Glue is a must have for almost any craft. The type of glue will be decided by the type of craft. White glue, wood glue, glue sticks, fabric glue, and glue gun sticks are pretty basic for most crafters.

2) Writing Instruments

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Crayons, colored pencils, markers, and regular pencils are a must have even for basic crafts.

3) Paper

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Copy paper, construction paper, colored tissue paper, brown paper bags, newspaper, crepe paper are all popular supplies for the crafter. Don’t forget the coffee filters, paper towels, and cardstock, though, because we can always use those.

4) Tools

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Scissors, a ruler, paint brushes, hole punchers, needles or pins, and clips: what would we do without these to hold our crafts together?

5) Cloth

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Scraps of cloth, yarn, burlap, and thread, just to name a few basic needs.

6) Fun Stuff

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While we may be pushing it here under the “basic” heading, every crafter has to have the fun stuff: glitter, craft foam, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, sequins, feathers, pom-poms: these make crafts unique.

Top 5 Best Christmas Crafts

There is so much fun stuff to do for Christmas crafts; so many styles of crafts to choose from that it’s hard to choose just five. But, after much ado, we have come to our decision and we are confident that you will enjoy making these crafts either alone, with the kids, or with friends. Each one is truly fun and will be a delightful addition to any home for the holidays.  

1) Temporary Tattoo Ornaments

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This first one is a true winner, especially for those less-than-crafty souls. It requires only 5 materials, and each ornament takes about 10 minutes to create. Temporary Tattoo ornaments are SO much easier than painting and kids LOVE them. You will need ornaments, temporary tattoos of your choice, a paint brush, a bottle of decoupage, and a sponge. The type of ornaments and tattoos are totally up to you, but white ornaments work well with any tattoos.

You simply apply the tattoo as you would on skin: peel off the plastic, lay it on the ornament, get the sponge wet, and hold it against the back of the tattoo for at least thirty seconds. Then remove the back of the tattoo. If the tattoo looks good, apply a thin layer of the decoupage and let it dry. Voila! If you aren’t happy with the tattoo or if it moved or wrinkled, remove it with rubbing alcohol and try again. So easy!

2) Salt Dough Ornaments

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We got a little nostalgic when we saw this one. Homemade ornaments have been around for years, but these are easy to make and decorated using colored Sharpies. Now, this one takes a little more effort than our tattoo ornaments, but it is super fun.

First, to make the salt dough, you will need to do this: Mix 1 cup of flour, 3/4 cup salt, 1/2 cup water, 1/4 cup cooking oil in a bowl. You can add food coloring if you like as well as cinnamon because it smells good when they are on the tree. Next, you roll that dough out until it is about an inch thick (or thicker if you like) and use your favorite Christmas cookie cutters to make your shapes. Be sure to make your holes for hanging (a toothpick works) before you pop them into the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

Once they cool, decorate them to your heart’s content with the Sharpies and hang them up or give them as gifts. Grandparents love these!

3) DIY Ornament Wreath

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Everywhere you look these days, wreaths are a big thing. There are people that swear they are easy to make, but we were skeptical. When we saw this DIY ornament wreath, we had to give it a try. It only has four main items and takes about 40 minutes to complete. You will need a wreath frame, hot glue gun, tinsel garland, and ornaments in varying sizes (the color choices are yours).

The first step is to wrap the wreath frame with the garland. Then, beginning with the larger ornaments, glue them to the wreath frame and to each other. Then add the smaller ornaments to fill in any holes. There you have it, a beautiful wreath to hang up or give away.

4) Santa Treat Holders

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One word. Adorable. You will need red yarn, white yarn, a glue gun, glue sticks, small flower pots, and black buttons. You simply put glue around the bottom of the pot, quickly start the red yarn, holding it until the glue dries, then wrap it around and around until you get to the lip of the pot. Wrap about three layers of the red yarn, then glue the ends down. Then repeat this process on the lip of the pot using the white yarn and the glue gun. Then glue the black buttons in the center and you have your Santa treat holder. Fill with homemade cookies or candies, or display around the house.

5) Paper Straw Christmas Tree Gift Topper

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Last, but not least, we have our fun gift topper. You will need a pencil, glue gun, paper straws of any color (we used green), string, and buttons. Use your pencil to draw a triangle on top of a package. Cut straws in graduated lengths and glue them to fit horizontally within the triangle. Cut two 1″ pieces of straw and glue them vertically to make the trunk. Weave a piece of colored string along the tree and glue to make your garland. Add small buttons for ornaments. These are so cute, no one will want to open their packages!


We hope you thoroughly enjoy the 5 best Christmas crafts we have presented to you here. Each one is a joy to make and they are sure to start a lot of conversations and bring smiles to many faces this Christmas season. We hope you enjoy these as much as we did!

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