Many people struggle with choosing the best florals for their home. There’re so many flowers that it’s hard to choose the perfect arrangement to fit the room. However, with the right floral arrangement, you can tie an entire room together. Flowers can have an emotional effect on people, brightening up a room with a simple floral addition. Flowers can be displayed in a large beautiful vase or a pure white teacup.

It may seem hard at first, but with a little research, you can choose the right flowers. Knowing little things, like the difference between perennials and annuals can help you find the right flowers to set the perfect mood.

White flowers in a blue vase, great option when choosing the best florals for your home

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Different Kinds of Flowers

When choosing the best florals, deciding what type will look good in their room is where people have the most trouble. There are hundreds of thousands of different flowers to choose from in the world. Therefore, it can be tough for some people to find the perfect arrangement. To keep things simple, begin your search with flowers that are popular. In addition to deciding on what type of flowers you want, assuming you choose “fake” flowers, you also need to consider what type of material you want them to be made out of.


Of course, roses are the most popular flower in the entire world. The red rose symbolizes love and happiness, but can also denote beauty and innocence. Many people grow roses in their homes and gardens. People like their amazingly fresh smell and the scent of roses is easily recognizable. Now, you can find them in a variety of different colors. This vast collection of different colors makes it easy to display roses in multiple different rooms. Not to mention that they are the most popular gift presented on Valentine’s Day.


Probably the softest touch to any home, the tulip is an excellent addition to any room. They are found in gardens all over the world. The Mysterious World makes note of how many different varieties of this bloom exist, which they credit for its popularity:

“There are more than 3000 varieties of tulips from 150 different species in the world. This diversity itself make it as one of the most popular and most cultivated flowers in the world.”

Tulips are another flower that comes in a range of different colors. Like roses, each color happens to carry its own specific meaning. This variety of tone and purpose makes them a great gift. Tulips allow for an easy match to any decorative theme when choosing the best florals.


Perhaps the most innocent looking of all flowers, daisies brighten up a room in seconds. They bring out bright colors and bring a general feeling of happiness. Found often as flower crowns and daisy chains, they’re great for decoration. These sweet flowers also look great when paired with almost every other flower, which makes them a great flower to add to arrangements around the home.


A graceful and ornamental addition to any home, the orchid is a famous ancient flower. Popular in Greece, these flowers have now claimed a place in homes worldwide. They come in soft shades of pink and purple, adding a nice contrast to a dark room. Many people associate orchids with older people since they are common gifts for loved ones. Take this as a compliment because orchids represent beauty and luxury.


Pansies are an annual flower. These pretty blooms come in a range of blue and purple, making them a beautiful contrast to orchids. Pansies do better out of the harsh sun, which means you must plant them in the shade. However, this makes them great for decorating indoors. Coming in dark colors, they can add a nice touch to many light rooms.

Cherry Blossoms

With a festival all to themselves, cherry blossoms are quite famous in eastern Asian countries. Due to the media, they have made quite an impact on Northern America as well. In Japan, they call cherry blossoms their  “Sakura” blooms. These flowers represent the beauty of life and a new beginning. During their blooming period, it is traditional to celebrate these flowers with family and friends. This significance makes them a great addition to many homes.


Known in China as the “King of Flowers,” peonies dominate the flower realm. Their beauty and fragrance are quite popular all over the world. These flowers are often a featured in wedding decor but can make an excellent addition to any house. These blooms also come in a range of different colors. Because of the selection, peonies can fit right in anywhere you like.

Pink fake flowers with frayed edges, an important risk to consider when choosing the best florals

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Materials to Look at When Choosing the Best Florals

Many people choose to go with artificial flowers because of the simplicity. With fake florals, watering and upkeep are not a problem. Because of this, many homes will choose fake flowers over real flowers when selecting the best florals. However, a common problem is finding false flowers that look real.

Latex flowers

For flowers that look real, latex can be the way to go. Latex flowers capture every little imperfection making them an excellent option for those who like flowers that look authentic. To get the perfect shape, they are made with molds of flowers. Latex is then poured into the mold and they are painted later. These molds can capture the veins and stems and are incredibly sturdy. This makes them an excellent option for homes with children and animals.

Silk flowers

Silk flowers are often the most expensive natural looking fake flowers. They’re the most costly because they can look incredibly real. It doesn’t help that silk is also a pricey material. However, one thing to note when choosing the best florals is that durability is not its best aspect. Silk flowers tend to fray at the edges. As a result, they may be a better choice for a wedding or special occasions. These flowers also need a bit of upkeep, dusting and washing are a necessity to keep them looking real. However, excessive dusting and washing can also make them quickly fray at the edges.

Paper flowers

Another realistic looking option is paper flowers. They are an excellent option for those who like to make their own decorations. Many people craft paper flowers from tissue or crepe paper, so they are incredibly delicate. Because they are craftable in your own home, they make an excellent option for gifts. These flowers are more of an artistic expression than a realistic representation. Not only do they tend to look fake, but they aren’t very durable.

Foam flowers

Most people associate fake flowers with foam. They are quite durable but look incredibly fake. Because of this, using these flowers for parties and temporary decoration is best. One positive is that they are very cheap. This cost-effective material makes them an excellent choice for one-time uses.

Plastic flowers

Probably the cheapest of all fake flowers, plastic flowers can be found anywhere. They look very artificial but can last a lifetime. These flowers also need a bit of upkeep. Dusting and cleaning may be necessary to keep them looking shiny. However, if it’s realism you’re looking for, shiny isn’t what you’re going to want anyway.

Purple and red wilted flowers, a downfall of picking fresh flowers when choosing the best florals versus silk flowers

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Silk Flowers vs. Fresh Florals

When choosing the best florals, silk flowers can be an excellent alternative to fresh blooms. This is good to know, especially if you or a loved one are allergic to flowers. Silk flowers can also be scented to smell like real flowers. However, silk flowers are more expensive than fresh florals and you can usually grow your flowers rather than ordering them to save even more money.

Silk flower pros

With silk flowers, wilting is not a problem. Silk flowers can last forever, making them a nice heartfelt decoration.

When ordering silk flowers, you can order out of season. Making it an excellent option for those who want a specific type of flower that isn’t in bloom. They also won’t arrive damaged.

Though they can be expensive, they are sometimes not nearly as costly as some elaborate fresh arrangements. This realization can help when comparing the cost of flowers for a single special occasion.

Silk flower cons

Some people look down on fake flowers; they would rather have the real thing. This stigma makes it hard to please some people when gifting false florals.

Though they can be scented, they still don’t smell like fresh flowers. Therefore, those looking for the scent of fresh flowers in their home will be missing out.

When you buy cheaper types of silk flowers, the realism is often lacking. If you are looking for the most realistic looking option, expect to end up paying higher prices.

Some florists will not arrange false flowers. If you are looking for a realistic bouquet of flowers for a wedding or special event, you may have to arrange them yourself.

Cherry blossoms, which are perennials, a classic choice when choosing the best florals

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Perennials and Annuals

Knowing the difference between perennials and annuals is essential when choosing the best florals. This difference can be significant when planting a garden or even displaying florals in your home. Perennials are flowers that grow back throughout the years, remaining dormant during the winter. Annuals are flowers that bloom in the spring and summer only to die in the winter. Gardens often host perennials with the occasional colorful annuals.

Annuals are typically less expensive than perennials, which is important when choosing the best florals. They require more upkeep to stay looking nice while they are in bloom. Perennials need less care than annuals, and their blooms last much longer. Perennial blooms can last from four to six weeks on average. After about four years, perennials can be divided up to make more flowers.

Each year, the soil for annuals has to be reworked, making planting more time-consuming. Annual flowers have to be purchased each year again. However, annual blooms are usually more colorful than perennials. Perennial flowers are generally more expensive than annual flowers. They often do not even bloom for the first couple of seasons after they are planted.

Perennials such as hydrangeas can be planted in the fall to produce blooms in their first season. For outdoor planting, both types of flowers should be planted after the “final frost,” usually mid-April. Summer is the ideal season to plant flowers that require warmer soil to bloom.

Choosing the Best Florals: Our Verdict

Silk flowers are the best option if you decide to go with fake flowers. However, if you want to care for a living flower, perennial fresh florals are a great option. Choosing flowers such as roses and tulips that come in a range of colors is great for multiple rooms. You can use your floral arrangements to tie different rooms together by using the same type of flower in each room but picking colors to match the scheme of each individual area. Colorful blooms are also eye-catching in a simple garden.


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