Welcome to Creative Crafts. Here at Create Crafts, we are here to help when it comes to creating the best crafts, showing you tutorials on how to do certain crafts, product reviews, and a glossary of terms so that you can understand and craft to the best of your ability.


While there are many who like to craft in the world, some people love it. They make it their outstanding goal to create the most beautiful works of art when it comes to crafting. If you’re looking for tips, tricks, or ideas (or maybe all three), the Creative Crafts Team is here to help you achieve your goal.

Craft Room

You can’t craft properly without a craft room. If you do not have a designated room for all of your supplies, that is ok. Maybe you’ve got a box to keep your supplies in or a table that you gather around. Either way, make sure that you’ve got a designated spot to craft your heart out.


Many learn by example and learn by seeing how to do something, this is why the tutorials that we provide are great. Not only will you be able to get ideas and inspiration from the Creative Crafts Team, but you will also be able to view tutorials and get the answers you’re looking for.

Product Reviews

We all know that crafting is expensive when it comes to buying all the material and supplies. Don’t buy products that you’re not sure about. Let us do the legwork when it comes to finding the product reviews and specs on each item. If you’ve got a question or wish to hear about a specific item, be sure to contact us!

Meet the Team

Danielle Burnett - Chief Editor

I grew up loving crafts, spending countless hours with my mother and her friends, and later my own friends. We made friendship bracelets, did paint by numbers, and even branched out into cross-stitch and knitting when knitting your own scarf became the cool thing to do. 

After graduating from college with a degree in fine arts, I went to work for a big box craft supplies store as an assistant manager. It was a job where I worked a lot of hours and learned everything about the crafting industry. 

It’s my pleasure and honor to oversee an excellent team of craft lovers who also happen to be professional writers and editors here at Create Crafts. Contact me at dburnett@create-crafts.com

Trina Cobb - Junior Editor

 I assist our Chief Editor with overseeing the editorial and content teams. Because I enjoy the diversity of different tasks, I also still do a lot of writing myself. It keeps things interesting.  

In college, I began my professional writing career by writing for news websites and blogs. Politics and news are fascinating, but I admit it’s much more rewarding working for an agency that’s all about positivity and fun. However, working in that world taught me a lot about working quickly and running online blogs. This prepared me for the great job I have here at Create Crafts, and I couldn’t be happier. Contact me at tcobb@create-crafts.com

Lynda Fisher - Crafts Enthusiast 

I learned to love sewing and crafting at a very young age because I spend my formative years playing with toys alongside my mother, grandmother, and aunts as they spent their days quilting and doing ceramics, a popular crafting activity at that time.  

When I went to college, I studied business but I could never shake my love of crafting. I spent all of my spare time in my college dormitory doing crafts, and when I graduated, taking a job writing and editing allowed me time to keep doing crafts. 

Being able to do both here at Create Crafts is a dream job for me! Contact me at lfisher@create-crafts.com

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