If you’re looking for a hobby that’s fun, colorful, and relaxing you might want to pick up a few 5D Diamond Painting Kits at your local crafts store. You can even order them online if you’re not in the mood for leaving the house. They are an inexpensive and lovely way to beautify your walls. What a fun way to spend an evening doing something creative and festive!

I’ve been an artist for a long time. Watercolors, detailed sketches, charcoals, mixed media painting. You name it, and I’ve painted it. So I wanted to try 5D Diamond Painting kits because the results are so luminous, and anything like that immediately attracts my attention.

After watching this video, the creative ideas began flowing.

Getting Started with 5D Painting Kits

Each kit comes with an array of brightly colored beads organized in separate bags.

5D diamond painting kits are colorful and fun

Image screen captured, by Cralopix, via YouTube

5D Diamond Painting Kits also come with at least one point drill pen (which are what help you apply the beads).

Here's what to look for in 5D diamond painting kits

Image screen captured, by Cralopix, via YouTube

You’ll also find the canvas already has the image conveniently printed on it, thanks to color-coding.

5D diamond painting kits have the images printed right on the canvas

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Some 5D Diamond Painting Kits also come with a tub of wax or a square of gel (which helps the beads stick to the pen). There will also be an adhesive covering that protects the canvas.

Baubles, beads, and color coding to boot

And as you can see below, the beads are coordinated by numbers and by the colors on the printed pattern.

5D Diamond painting kits make great stress relievers

Image screen captured, by Staci Noelle, via YouTube

In this photo, you can see the pen, adhesive gel, and tweezers used for this 5D painting.

5D diamond painting kits come with easy to use accessories

Image screen captured, by Staci Noelle, via YouTube

The kits will also come with a tray that has grooves, and that’s cool because when you shake the tray a little bit, the grooves help align the rhinestone beads, making them ready for use.

Most trays in 5D diamond painting kits are grooved

Image screen captured, by Staci Noelle, via YouTube

Here’s the full video from Staci Noelle. It gives you a good overview of what you’ll find inside the kits, techniques to keep your canvas clean, and places where you can order 5D Diamond Painting kits.

The canvas is full of tiny boxes that are colored and numbered and look quite a lot like a cross-stitch pattern. Each number matches a diamond color, with the numerals listed on a chart. The chart is below or on the side of the canvas. The bag that contains rhinestones matching that color is generally placed right below or next to the corresponding number on the chart. In some kits, the squares contain letters or a symbol. Just think of them as numbers instead.

Putting it all on canvas

First, make sure you have a flat surface. Then unroll the canvas and tape it to the surface with masking tape. It can take a few days to add all the beads and rhinestones, so you may want to use a board, which you can set aside easily.

Now you’ll need to peel back the adhesive covering on the canvas. But don’t peel all of it off. Just peel one or two inches (2.54 to 5.08 centimeters). It’s an excellent idea to crimp the adhesive covering so that it doesn’t roll back onto the canvas. Some kits even come with adhesive strips that are pre-cut. All you have to do is peel off the first strip.

Adding the rhinestones

Take a look at the color-coding on the square of canvas you just uncovered. Now choose the box you want to start with and note the numbers on it. Find the number on the chart and then grab the bag that has the matching number. Now all you have to do is open the bag and pour some of the beads onto the tray.

With pen in hand

Here’s where you’ll want to grab your pen, which is sometimes also called an applicator. Many 5D diamond painting kits come with tweezers that serve the same purpose as the pen, but with the way my hands shake, I think the pen is much easier to use. I’ve learned to love this handy tool.

Open the gel or the wax tub and gently poke the narrow end of the pen and dip the pen into it. Now the pen will be sticky, and the rhinestones will adhere to it. In some kits, the pen also comes with a wider end that allows you to pick up three beads at once.

To pick up the rhinestones

Gently press the tip of the pen to the top of the bead (the top is faceted). When you lift up the pen, the diamond will stick to it. While you’re doing that, you might as well keep the tray just below the edge of your canvas. That makes it easier to reach.

Now place the rhinestone into the corresponding square. When you pull the pen away, the bead should adhere to the canvas. If this is your first time doing a diamond painting, you may find it a good idea to press the pen lightly at first, so that if the diamond is a little out of place, you can nudge it back into the proper position and then press it with the pen to secure it.

This fun video shows a cute work in progress:

When I’m working on a 5D diamond kit, I prefer to do one section and one color at a time. It’s less complicated that way. You pick the section you want to work on and use the color with the number that corresponds to the section’s number Dab the pen with the gel whenever you need to. Once you’ve filled out all the squares in that section, you can start on a new color.

Don’t rest your hands on the canvas, because if you do, the canvas will lose its stickiness.

Keep peeling the adhesive as you go

When I’m working, I find it easier to work in squares no wider than one or two inches (2.54 to 5.08 centimeters) wide. Once I’ve filled in a section I move on to the next one. And I keep the plastic covering in place so that the adhesive doesn’t get soiled and lose its stickiness.

Adding the finishing touches

When you’ve added all of the rhinestones, cover the canvas with the plastic sheet that came with the kit. If you don’t have the sheet anymore, you can use parchment paper or an ordinary piece of paper instead. Avoid using wax paper.

Now you’ll want to make sure the canvas is smooth and doesn’t have any loose beads. I like to use a rolling pin to pat down any diamonds that might be loose. If you don’t have a rolling pin, you can use a can or a jar. Or you can gently rub the canvas with your hands.

To make sure that the rhinestones adhere to the canvas, I recommend that you lay a stack of books, preferably heavy ones, on it overnight. If you don’t have heavy books, you can use any large, flat object — like a cutting board, for instance. The next day, after you’ve removed the books, you can peel the plastic adhesive off the canvas and then peel the masking tape off the corners of the canvas. You might be tempted to trim the excess canvas, but this isn’t a good idea because this can cause it to fray.

Framing rhinestone kits

When I’ve found a frame I like, I always remove the glass and pop the canvas into the frame. I fold the excess edges down and slide the backing into place. I don’t bother to put the glass back in because it will dull the shine of the finished work. If you want to make the painting stand out, you can place the canvas behind a mat. The mat gives the canvas another border, and if you find a color that offsets the rhinestones, your painting will shine.

Where to Find 5D Diamond Painting Kits

Amazon is a great place to start. You can also find these kits at Stitches to Stones and AliExpress.

I can’t think of a better way to pass an evening. With a hot cup of cocoa or my favorite tea, and one of these beautiful rhinestone paintings to get started. My home is full of my artwork, and completing something that’s a thing of real beauty gives me a sense of accomplishment that I rarely feel when I’m doing other things.

Sometimes doing something you love, doing something for yourself, is the greatest reward there is.


Featured Image: Screenshot, by TessTess Hutchinson, via YouTube video

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